2006 -2007 Weekly Sketch List 

1st Quarter 2nd Quarter
1.  Own Choice 1. 3 words that describe yourself
2. My 3 goals in life... 2.  I admire...
3. The best thing about me is... 3.  If I were an animal for a day I'd be a...
4.  The monster under the bed    4.  Foods that you dislike
5.  I'm on the cover of...   5. If you picked your own name it would be...
6.  A sign of the times 6.  The adventure of Coobie and Cobbler
7.  My favorite quote is... 7.  Dear Santa...
8.  Your favorite holiday 8.  Happiness is...
9.  Own choice  9.  Own choice


3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
1.  A work in progress 1.  A person that influenced me a lot
2.  I'd like to be famous for... 2.  Squeak!
3.  Whoops! 3.  My favorite song
4.  If I could teach everyone in the school... 4.  When I was born...
5.  I would really like to...  5.  Opposites
6.  Create a new food/drink & a package for it 6.  How did they do that?
7.  May I have your attention please?!  7.  What don't you like about yourself?
8.  To me, Sully Buttes means... 8.  Art is....
9.  Own choice  9.  Own choice

The weekly sketches are homework.  They should be done on 9x12 or 8-1/2 x11 white paper, and include the topic along with a background and shading. On the back of each sketch you need to include your name, your class and the name of the sketch, with an answer or explanation if needed.  They are due on my desk at the beginning of the class period on the following days:

7-A - Monday                          7-B - Wednesday                  8th Grade - Tuesday                      

Art 1  - Thursday                          Art 2 - Thursday                Advanced Art - Thursday                    

Unless you are absent and I have signed your absent slip, your sketch grade will drop one grade for every day it is late. The unexcused, missing sketch will not be accepted after one week after its due date and will remain a zero.  If any part of your sketch is traced, this is considered cheating and you will receive a zero for the project.